Hi! My name is Janie Pépin. Welcome to my blog where I ramble about things I am learning and find important to share. I am predominantly dedicated to share the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained on the realities of Indigenous peoples.

I am a fourth year student in Communication and minoring in Indigenous Studies. My program has significantly changed my path in life and continues to inspire me. The courses, readings, media, discussions and personal experiences have made me question what reconciliation really implies, and what it means for a future relationship between Indigenous peoples and settlers. Many of these experiences have pushed me to address the uncomfortable truth that much of my previous academic life was premised on dishonesty.

I am motivated to take the experiences and critical lens of the world to educate the general population. I think that as Canadians, we must use our place of privilege to become active in the dismantling of this harsh reality. I think that together as a community, with the support of Government initiatives, educational institutions and organizations, we can properly educate our country. As for my part, I have begun taking action by volunteering and participating at Indigenous events on campus and in my community, working for the Institute of Canadian and Aboriginal Studies, spending a summer on a remote Northern reserve and spreading awareness by writing blogs and publishing articles.

I’m happy that you’ve joined me on this learning journey.

Chi-miigwetch! Thank you! Merci!



Janie Pépin